Monday, April 4, 2011

Spintown In Scottland

I mentioned I was invited to play on Zack Scott's server in my last post. Because of this I haven't made much progress in single player. Haven't really added much to my home, but I did find 2 dungeons. Unfortunately being the noob that I am, I didn't know how to stop them from spawning & died in my attempts to kick mob ass. I marked where they were, so I do plan on going back to light it up & get the rewards in the future.

I built a little cave in multiplayer, and at first I thought it was far enough out of the way to build on. Found out shortly after that Tallman's house wasn't far from my location. He was cool with me being there, but if I wanted to do a lot of landscaping & building I needed to find a new location.

I searched for awhile & finally found a place I liked. I found a big mountain that was hollowed out a lot. You could actually walk right under it & come out the other side. It gave a spooky backdrop, and it was close to the water. Tallman's house was still the closest to mine, but this location would keep me out of his way.

The mountain did have more than it's share of problems. The biggest of which is that it's dark...even during the day under the mountain & in it's shadow there were mobs. What made it worse is that there were TONS of trees that also darkened the area. The trees were annoying for another reason as well. They were extremely thick, and most of them on the small side. It makes getting around very difficult, especially on hills & mountains.

So after I built a small cabin, my first priority was lighting the mountain up & clearing out trees. The general rule I went by when logging was, if the tree has 2 blocks or less before the leaves start...the bitch is coming down. Some trees that were just in bad locations I also chopped down. Since you get a lot of saplings each time you chop a tree down I'm not worried about over doing it. I can always plant more trees in better locations. Navigating the area has become A LOT easier since I went Paul Bunyan.

With the mobs now at bay for the most part I leveled off the land my house was sitting on, and cleared the view to the ocean. Eventually I added steps, and flowers...lots of yellow flowers. I haven't done much to the mountain itself, I did clear out a lot of gravel underneath, filled in holes, made boarders for 2 waterfalls that were already there, and other little things like that. For the most part I like the mountain as is, and just want to keep it natural looking without a lot of building onto it. Because it's so dark underneath, I added a lava flow to give more natural lighting & give me a good source of lava if I need it.

Most of the work to the house I've done at night when there are multiple players on the server. I live far away from the main areas, and aside from my front & back yard the mountain isn't lit up well. So I can't do much outside like some other players can. I added glass windows, a yellow shag floor & an unlimited supply of water to the house. Most work has been below the house underground.

I picked a spot between 2 of my item boxes & dug straight down to bedrock. One of the things I plan to do is build an underwater glass room with a lava floor. Not sure how I'm going to do this yet, but I dug down as far as I could & have a small tunnel going under the water to where I want to build. For now this project is on hold. The item boxes in my house were getting full, and I needed storage space. So using the hole I already made, I built a storage room directly under my house. I don't plan on having stairs at this point, but we'll see.

When the storage room was complete I started work on 2 rooms a couple blocks higher than my bedrock tunnel. The rooms are about 20x30 blocks, and I plan on having one be a farm. I want to grow all my plants down there, and eventually have animals spawn there. Getting grass down there will be a bitch, but it's next on the to do list when the room is finished.

The second room was going to be a pool room. I was going to make a water slide, diving platform & different stuff like that. However...the new Minecraft update included wolves. You can tame these wolves to be pets, and they will attack anything that you attack or anything that attacks you. This gave me the idea to build a dog fighting arena. Assuming Zack doesn't let Michael Vick on the server, I hope to eventually fight my wolves against others from Scottland. #FuckYouPETA So far I've tamed 11 wolves, and they get in the way a lot. So I made a kennel next to my house...with 11 wolves it's already pretty much packed, and I might expand it some. Having a pack of 11 wolves ready to rip apart mobs that attack me does make it easier to work at night. Getting them all back in the kennel though...not easy.

For the most part that's all the progress I've made. I did do a lot of work on a cliff behind my mountain. It looked neat, but really unstable. I ended up adding at least 500 blocks of dirt & stone to it to make it look more natural. Was not a small task since most of the work was done underneath the cliff & was really high up. The only other plans I have that will be visible above ground are some videogame statues. I'm thinking about doing some pixel art around the mountain. For instance a giant yellow Pac-Man chasing a blue ghost? A Space Invader dropping down from the side of the mountain? Stuff like that. I'm also considering making a road that goes around the island...

The first evidence of me being on the server was posted in this --> ZackScottGames video. Zack stopped by my place before I had a chance to do much to it, but you can actually see my house in the video below.

In Search Of Diamonds
Chris Cogott saw some of my tweets about Minecraft & linked me to this music video by Eric Fullerton (@nailhead). I play this song on repeat...often...

PS: I want to mention that I had to make that beach. None of that sand was there, and I even dug out the dirt in the water, and put sand in it's place.

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  1. hey, it is actually a cool thing you've done man, keep it