Friday, April 29, 2011

Pixel Art & The Great Wall Of Spintown

You're probably wondering why you haven't seen any improvements to my house or new buildings in Zack's videos. Sure I changed the cobblestone house into a yellow & blue wool house, but it's really the same house. So what have I been working on? Well I mentioned a few ideas I had in previous posts, and one of those was to make statues of videogame characters. I mentioned I might build a few statues around the mountain, and you could see a couple experiments from "Berzerk" in one of Zack's videos.

What I don't think I've mentioned is that I decided to build a giant museum to display videogame pixel art in. I've been digging out a HUGE underground room, and I'm getting fairly close to finishing it. I still need to make the ceiling about 15 blocks higher before I start building the artwork though.

When I'm done there will be images built into the floor & ceiling. There will be as many statues as I can fit into the room as well. In the pictures I have below you can see I went with a glass rail to keep people from falling to their death. It doesn't look all that great, but it allows people to see almost directly below them...which is important since the object is to view the art. There will be 5 viewing areas: the main floor & 4 viewing platforms that wrap around the museum.

I also recently completed a rough draft of a wall that goes all the way around (what I consider) my property. It's a large chunk of land...very large. The wall actually goes around my entire mountain & both yards. It's currently just 4 blocks high of cobblestone & only 1 block thick. I did add torches to every block along the top, and yellow flowers in front of every block on the outside of the wall. :p

Later I plan to make the wall 3 blocks thick & hollow so people can walk through it to get to my home if they get caught outside in the dark. I also plan to make it stone, and not cobblestone. The torches will be replaced by netherrack in the center. I would have take more screen grabs, but it started getting dark, and I didn't want to wait for daylight again.

PS: Just to be clear, this wall isn't meant to keep people out of my area. I just think it'll look cool when it's done, and it'll let people know that I have plans for everything inside. Once you have a home, you need elbow room to expand, and I do have a lot of plans for things within my walls. It would suck to have someone start building there before I got to it. (you can only work on so many things at once) Even with the wall people are obviously welcome to visit my area. I've put one door up near Cal's, and plan on putting others up as well so people don't have to go around my wall.

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