Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Adventure

Ok, so last time I showed you the start of what would be my underground farm. Since that last post I finished digging out the room, finished the lighting (which I ripped off from Zack), brought grass downstairs (that took about 1 full day irl), and added my crops.

I have 2 places to grow trees, and I built a catwalk around them both so that I could reach the higher branches easily.

I currently only harvest 3 other goods: cactus (for making dye), wheat (for food) & sugarcane (I'm not really using it for anything yet). I keep this area fenced off so animals won't stomp all over my crops.

I keep some supplies in a back corner of the farm, and you can see how my lighting is messed up in the corner. I do plan on fixing this somehow, but it's low on the priority list right now.

I guess the last thing I should show you is the grass stairs. They go from the surface almost down to bedrock. It didn't take too long to dig (pippyholt helped with that & he helped dig out the farm), but the grass took about 20 hours to reach the floor of the farm.

So far everyone has been really nice on the server (Mac still seems to hate me & I don't really know why...nor care much). Spent some time working with Philip as I mentioned already, and he has been helpful. He always wants to Skype as we play, and that's usually not something I like to do. Sometimes the kids are sleeping & I need to be quiet, sometimes I'm listening to music for my blog & sometimes I like to just dig in silence on my own (and let the OCD go to work :p). Skype is nice once in awhile, just to change things up though.

Until I get a better mic, you probably won't hear me on . The 2nd time I tried to get on Skype with Zack there was so much static it was distracting. I have no idea why the audio was bad the 2nd time when it seemed to be alright he 1st time...but oh well.

Now that the farm is done (for the most part), I would like to start making some wool statues. I've been collecting as much wool & dyes as possible, but I still need more. I've probably got enough dye for now, but I know I'm still short in the wool department. Until I get more wool, I might start on another project. I've got a handful in mind, but not sure which to go with first. (dog fighting, giant maze, indoor pool, road around my mountain, etc...)

PS: I now have 13 wolves, and they are kind of annoying. I still haven't done much new in singleplayer. I started a mine directly under my cave, but that's about it.

Crowded Adventure
This is the video of the first group adventure I went on. I don't speak much, mostly because once inside the cave I keep getting lost (I have a terrible sense of direction irl as well). Before this adventure even started I killed Mac. It wasn't caught on video, but AshleyScottGames has video of Mac & Rozz talking about it. I was basically waiting around spawn, when she came over & hit me. So of course I chased her down & killed her. Never hit the king...

Crowded Adventure...After Zack Left
Ashley was recording this as well, and this video picks up where the other left off.

Last time I posted a Minecraft music video, and thought I'd end this post the same way. This is a parody of Taio Cruz's Dynamite...crafted using note blocks.

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