Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where Does Spintown Play

I don’t really use this blog anymore, but I thought it would be a good place to list all the servers I play on.  I’ve been asked on YouTube, “What’s the server IP?” “Can I play with you sometime?” or “What’s your favorite server?”  So this should answer those questions, and it can also serve as a link for me to give friends who might be curious about new servers.

Server:  Scottland
IP: Private & whitelisted
Scottland is run by Zack Scott & is the first server of any kind I ever played on.  Currently it’s a creative server, and it’s where I do 99% of my building.  I still play in survival for some projects, but even I have went creative for most things now. I’m one of 7 moderators for the server.   In the future there could be some mini games hosted by Zack & maybe even some maps designed by me.

Server:  Minecade
Twitter:  @Minecade
My favorite mini game by far is Walls, and whenever I play it, I play at Minecade.  The servers can be laggy, and they might have dumbed down the game since it’s beginning...but it’s still the best site to play Walls on.  I even became a Game Moderator for  The other games available over at Minecade suck almost as much as the owners do.  The biggest problem over at Minecade is the fact that the owners are very hands off & don’t seem to care much about fixing bugs related to the website or game.  Since I started playing here I’ve got VIP, PRO, GM & MVP rank in game.  In the forum I also acquired VET rank.  VIP gives you the ability to spectate games & teleport during peacetime.  PRO lets you use various kits in the game.  GM just means I can kick or ban you if you break the rules of the game or forum.  MVP means I won the Walls tournament (I’ve lost that tag since winning it).  VET means that I have been a GM for over a year.

If you’re not familiar with Walls, here’s how it works.  40 people are split up on to 4 teams, and each team is given 25% of a giant cubed map.  For the first 15 minutes of the game there’s a giant wall separating the teams.  So during this time you have to prepare for battle.  Because when the walls come down...the last team standing is the winner.  You have to make your weapons, armor & base.

Server:  Overcast Network
Twitter:  @OvercastNetwork
Aside from Walls, playing the Project Ares games is probably my favorite place to go for PvP.  There are 5 different types of Project Ares games.  I stick to mainly Team Death Matches like Viridun, Wooly Woods, BlockBlock, Wildwood Crevice, Sand Wars, Battle of Lyndanisse, Scrap Mettle, The Arena, Modern Cityscape, Venice TDM & Ozone.  Team Death Matches are maps that break everyone up into 2 teams...the team that kills the most players on the other team within the given time limit wins.  They’re simple & fun if you just want to do some mindless killing.

If I play a Monument level it’s usually Corrupted Kingdoms, The Nile, Soviet Mills or Balloon Archipelago.  Monument levels are maps that break players up into 2 teams, and you have to sneak onto the other teams side of the map & break some sort of monument.  The monuments are usually obsidian, but can be other substances.

If I play a Core level it’s usually Blocks DTC or Total War.  These levels are very similar to Monument levels, the only real difference is that the Cores are obsidian spheres full of lava.  The goal is to leak the lava from the other teams Core.

I don’t really play the Capture The Flag maps or the King Of The Hill maps, but if you like those types of games they have them.  The only other game that’s any good on these servers are the Blitz games.  They are bascially 1 hit kill or 1 life per player Team Death Matches.  There are various perks available from the website shop, and I bought Dux so I could pick my team & join full teams & servers.  The stats pages are very well done (unlike Minecade) and the servers & maps are also very well maintained (again unlike Minecade).

Server:  Mineplex
Twitter:  @MineplexMC
This site was started by a former MCTheWalls GM.  It’s maintained very well & has a variety of games.  My favorite thing to do here is the Mixed Arcade.  It’s a server that has you play 1 type of short mini game, then rotates to a new one, and then another, and another, etc…  So every couple minutes you’re playing a new game & most of them are pretty cool.  If you find a game you really like, you can probably just play it over & over again on it’s own server.  My favorites include: One In The Quiver, Turf Wars, Super Paintball, Runner & Super Spleef. (I’m a beast a Squid Shooter, but it’s not a favorite of mine.)

Another very cool game at MinePlex is Bridges.  It’s a lot like Walls, but you have 4 islands that are connected by a volcano after 10 minutes or so of peacetime.  I don’t really care for the maps & the mining experience they have, but the volcano is awesome.

MineCart isn’t all the fun for me, but it’s a combination of Mario Kart & it’s kinda cool…just because both those games are awesome.

They have Survival Games (aka Hunger Games) as well so if you’re still into the most classic of mini’s there if you want it.  I bought the rank of Ultra, so I get some in game perks in all the games mentioned.

Server:  Hypixel Network
Twitter:  @HypixelNetwork
I first started playing here when they came out with their TNT Games.  TNT Run & Bow Spleef are a blast & good if you only have time for a quick game or 2.  Other than the TNT games there are Adventure Maps, Survival Games (Hunger Games), Quakecraft & Paintball.  Walls sucks over at Hypixel, and I’m not that familiar with any other games I didn’t mention.

Server:  Mcbrawl
Twitter:  @McBrawl
The only thing I’ve played & like about this server is the Party servers.  It’s a collection of mini games much like the MinePlex Mixed Arcade games.  The only difference...these might be better.  Some of them are really mind blowing as far as the coding that had to be done.  These servers need more players, because they’re awesome.

Server:  Minecraft Survival Games
Twitter:  @mcsgservers
If you like Survival Games (Hunger Games)...this is the server for you.  It’s the first server I played Hunger Games on, and it’s still the best.  The only other thing I’ve played & like over there is the Kit PVP.  Kit PVP basically lets you PVP against a bunch of people with the same gear as you.  No real advantages given...just best fighter wins.

Server: The Hive
Twitter:  @theHiveMC
Trouble In Mineville is the only game I really play here, but they have a decide Survival Games option as well.