Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Zack Scott was nice enough to invite me to play on his server. It was really nice of him, especially since I'm still a noob to the game. He's also the reason I started playing the game. As I mentioned the other day, I watch his YouTube channel ZackScottGames, and he uploads Minecraft videos. (as well as others)

Anyways, I played for the first time last night...for hours & hours when I should have been sleeping. Didn't take any screen shots of my little cave I built, but I will soon. Compared to all the incredible things people have already built in his game my home is nothing. It'll take me a long time to build something as cool as the others on the server.

I still need to learn the text commands for the game. If it hadn't been for a kind gamer logging in as I was about to leave, I wouldn't have known how to have my character set his home location. Which is important, cause I'll be getting lost a lot, and I couldn't find my house from spawn again to save my life at the moment. I was worried about building on land that someone else may have laid claim to. So I hiked pretty far out I think. Plan on starting a mine, but struggling to find enough coal to light my way.

PS: I found iron. I still haven't done that on single player! :D

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