Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Mario, Adventuring & New SpinStation

In my last blog I showed you pictures of my empty museum, and since then I've added a few statues. You can see a green Mario (watch the video for the explanation), and a Megaman that is 95% done. Since that video was recorded I've finished Megaman, and added 2 more statues. I won't say WHAT they are, but you'll see them in the future via ZackScottGames or on this blog. The part about the museum starts at the 7:18 mark.

I really haven't been doing too much building lately. I've been doing a lot of adventuring in unexplored lands. The main reason I started was in search of red flowers for dye making. Scottland has been picked clean in the more populated areas, and so I had to venture off the beaten path to find some. While collecting roses, I got far enough out where I started finding a lot of clay (something else there is little of in Scottland). Not long after I found a few deposits of clay, Ashley offered to buy up clay from people to build her new house (shown unfinished in the video above). So for awhile at least clay = diamonds in Scottland. This motivated me to adventure even more & even farther out, but it became a hassle to keep digging holes to stay in. So I decided to make "outposts" or "stations" I could travel to, and safely spend nights in.

These stations needed to be easy to construct, and easy to take down if someone decided to build in said area. At first I thought about making them obsidian, so I wouldn't have to repair creeper damage. But that's hard to take down, and it's a pain to mine obsidian. So then I decided on a 5x5 cobblestone room. No doors, no windows. I replaced 1 block on 3 of the walls with dirt. So if something was outside I could remove the dirt & shoot out. The doorway, which is also just filled in with dirt, is always facing a large body of water. This makes it less likely a creeper will be hanging around outside your door. The walls are only 3 blocks high, and it has a netherrack roof, which is completely on fire. To make it just a little safer I lined the walls facing land with cactus. It isn't a pretty building, and it's small, but so far I've heard dozens of spiders & creepers die & I've been completely safe. Inside I have a bed, and 3 items buried in the ground (chest, workbench & furnace).

My goal is to be able to travel 10,000 ?feet? (don't know what those numbers represent) in any direction. So far I've just traveled about 6,000 in 1 direction. I've made 8 of these stations so far, and it makes finding roses & clay really easy (not to mention other things).

Ashley has been connecting people to the rail system she installed in Super Tunnel. It's a huge project & she's put a lot of work into it. I think in total I've donated 80-90 blocks of iron & maybe 8 stacks of wood. I don't know how she gets enough iron, but she's used more of my iron now than I have. :p She recently dug out to my place (I helped, but she did the majority of it), and I am now connected to Super Tunnel.

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