Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spintown's Forum Rules:

Forum Rules:
3rd Degree Offenses: (3 warnings for the same type of offense equates a 6 month ban, and anything after that is a permaban.)
- Treat each other with respect. This means no needless insults, bullying, sexist remarks or discriminatory messages at all. Posts meant to generate an inflammatory response from another user will be considered trolling and also not allowed under this rule.
- No cursing (damn, ass, fuck, bastard, bitch) or offensive language. This is a very subjective rule. In short, if a mod asks you to avoid a certain word or phrase...do it.
- You are only allowed to use English in any publicly visible context of this site.
- Do not post in reports or ban appeals unless they involve you. You have to be the person being reported, doing the reporting, appealing, listed as a witness OR have new evidence to share. If none of those apply to you, you will automatically get a 1 month forum ban if you post in a report/appeal.
- No spamming.
- Watch the CAPS
- Watch the 1 word responses.
- Don’t quote entire posts...quote the part of the post relevant to your response.
- Don’t double post, use the edit button.
- No necro-posting (posting on topics older than 2 weeks old) unless you’re the original poster.
- Stay on topic.
- No multi-threading. If there’s already an active thread on a topic, don’t make a new one on the same topic.
- No player specific threads. If you have a message for 1 person use a private message.
- Do not report evidence that is older than 1 month old.

1st Degree Offenses: (1 strike for any of these offenses equates a 6 month ban, and anything after that is a permaban.)
- No racism.
- Keep topics age appropriate. Meaning no sexually oriented content is allowed.
- No advertising.
- This includes links to websites, Ip’s & mentioning the names of the networks/servers. Scottland Studios links are exempt from this rule.
- Links to YouTube are acceptable if it’s evidence for a report, or gameplay from our servers that you wish to share in the “Gameplay Showcases” forum.
- Only have 1 account. If we find out you have a 2nd account, both accounts will be banned.
- The uploading of illegal materials is not allowed. The list of illegal materials includes, but is not limited to, pornography, drugs, bootleg software & software designed to circumvent legal restrictions.
- Any player that knowingly gives false info in his or her appeal will be permanently banned. If you did something wrong, own it. Take your punishment, and then you can enjoy our servers again.
- Do not impersonate any member of Scottland Studios' staff or claim to be a member of the Staff.

Other Forum Rules:
- Ban evasion is not permitted, and will result in a permanent ban for all alternate accounts associated with the evading player. The alternate accounts will not be unbanned once the original ban expired, and the original ban starts over from the point the alts were discovered. So if you had 3 months left on a 1 year ban...you start that year ban all over again.
- When reporting or filing an appeal, use the correct format & give all the info asked of you. GM’s should not decide on a report/appeal until they ARE in the correct format.
- Signatures are subject to any of the previously mentioned rules, and should be limited to 140 characters.
- Any breach made by a family member, friend, or random stranger is on you. If a rule is broken under an account, that account will be punished.
- Scottland Studios' Administration reserves the right to ban any player from any Scottland Studios service for any reason without notice.

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